Lead your team into unexplored territory to discover new ways of relating to each other. Develop daily practices, processes and systems for lasting change.

LEADERS who want to:

Compassionately, creatively and courageously lead from the heart, head and gut.

Establish a strong sense of purpose, navigate change, and achieve challenging objectives.

Create or fundamentally reinforce trust and communications among the people they lead.

Understand and leverage team members’ strengths in order to work better together.

Help your group thrive again after a reorg.

Can expect to:

Learn new leadership skills based on the latest discoveries in neurobiology.

Study work-styles through a shared lens that values and leverages differences.

Strengthen trust, build team cohesion, and increase productivity.

Excel at collaborative creativity.

Solidify a shared vision, and open avenues to authentic relationships.

Promote employee resiliency, loyalty, flexibility and productivity.

How it works:

We can conduct surveys, focus groups, and other kinds of information gathering and diagnostics, including FEBI assessments, to understand your needs and to define the purpose and objectives of the project.

I will deploy a custom-designed transformation strategy which could include one-on-one coaching, small group work, whole group work, and pinpointed skill-building sessions.

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