Rhonda Morton lives at the intersection of art, activism, and enterprise. That’s why she created the Possibility Applied Fund—to support others who live there too. Artists, entrepreneurs and activists who have an idea to transform themselves, our community and/or the world can apply to receive personalized support to make their dream come true. Rhonda donates three percent of Savannah Consulting’s revenues to the fund, and provides free coaching, access to her network of generous colleagues, and other forms of support to selected applicants.

Who Should Apply

Applicants must live within 50 miles of Corning, NY.  Those most likely to be selected will integrate many of the components of the vision into one proposal. For instance:

  • An artist-activist-entrepreneur developing a line of cooperative games using sustainable materials could ask for coaching, connections to experts, and money for prototyping.
  • An activist-entrepreneur who passionately believes in transforming the feed-the-hungry paradigm into one that empowers-the-impoverished by starting a sustainable food-growing business that employs at-risk young adults could ask for coaching, connections to investors, and help producing a video for launching a Kickstarter campaign.
  • An artist-entrepreneur ready to quit her day job and transform her life might need to study with a master in her discipline, requiring a month-long stay in Asia. She could ask for coaching, connections to others’ frequent flyer miles for a free flight, and money for staying in an airbnb apartment.
  • A Vietnam veteran activist-entrepreneur who wants to start yoga and mindfulness classes for newly returned veterans could ask for coaching, help with marketing materials, and free studio space for the classes.

Support the Fund

There are lots of ways to help support this initiative!

  • Make a tax-deductible contribution to the fund through the Community Foundation (every little bit helps!)
  • Volunteer to be in the Possibility Applied network of advisers and/or resource providers
  • Donate frequent flyer miles
  • Provide space locally or elsewhere for retreats, projects, etc.
  • Spread the word to other possible donors and/or resource providers
  • Encourage do-gooders to apply