As a solo-preneur for nearly 25 years, I wrote for Fortune 100 companies, advertising agencies, and non-profits. Through that work, I gained an insider’s view of countless teams focused on sales, marketing, employee communications, technology and product development, and change management. I’ve toured factory floors, lived inside the pressure cooker of product releases, and witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of leadership and team performance. I know, firsthand, that a high-performance team is hard to come by and totally worth the effort.

At the same time, I’m an artist and innovator. As a Visionary-Driver, I make ideas manifest. I’ve created businesses, engineered solutions to societal problems, directed performance ensembles, published three books, and raised two children into adulthood. I'm proud to be certified as a NYS Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.  I understand how to get things done and I know what gets in the way: old ingrained patterns, an inability to see a new path, and lack of systems and structures to support transformation.

And last but not least, I'm an empathic embodied brain-science geek. What that means is that I help smart people leverage the plasticity of their brains and nervous systems to make truly life-transforming change in areas they thought were stuck forever. Led by deep listening and intuition, and armed with neuroscience, I help people discover ingrained patterns that aren't serving them and then teach them simple techniques to create new neural pathways and literally transform themselves at the cellular level.

In my workplace consulting and coaching work, I weave together my entrepreneurial experience, insider view of business operations, the skills of improvisational performance, and the science of neurobiology. With the capacity to improvise in the moment, to face obstacles with curiosity and fearlessness, and to design just the right exercise to achieve a desired result, I’m adept at meeting the objectives of individuals and teams.  

When I do speaker coaching, I help leaders, entrepreneurs, and movement makers shape a script attuned to the audience, inject it with powerful storytelling, then use their voices and bodies to deliver a compelling, memorable talk.

I’ve also found a tool that provides a quantitative way of understanding ourselves and how we work with each other. It’s the FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator, the only validated psychometric assessment that links body, mind and behaviors), developed and trademarked by Dr. Ginny Whitelaw and Mark Kiefaber of Focus Leadership. It measures the four fundamental energy patterns of the Driver, Organizer, Collaborator and Visionary. I’m certified to coach individuals, facilitate teams and design programs based on the FEBI.

Because I live at the intersection of art, activism, and enterprise, I created the Possibility Applied Fund—to support others who live there too. Artists, entrepreneurs and activists who have an idea to transform themselves, our community and/or the world can apply to receive personalized support to make their dream come true. I donate three percent of Savannah Consulting’s revenues to the fund, and provide free coaching, access to my network of generous colleagues, and other forms of support to selected applicants. Learn more.

In a nutshell, Savannah Consulting is about possibility applied. Let’s get started on yours! Contact me today for a free consultation.