I founded Savannah Consulting to work with people who want to change the trajectory of their lives, their workplaces, and the world.

Savannah Consulting’s mission is to enable individuals to live from a place of conscious choice, free of the tyranny of old unconscious patterns, so that they create: profoundly satisfying lives aligned with their deepest truth and well-being; workplaces centered on humanity’s inherent creative, generous, and collaborative nature; and a sustainable world that works for everyone. 

I am committed to the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit—treating my company’s social and environmental impact as a primary measure of success and prioritizing it even in cases where it may not drive profitability.  In 2019, Savannah Consulting became a certified B Corporation, and was honored as "Best for the World -- Community"

Savannah Consulting is a "designed to give" business. I donate five percent of my revenues, and provide five percent of my services pro bono—focusing on long-term sustainability, increased independence, the environment, women/inclusion of underrepresented populations, and community capacity building. My Possibility Applied Fund supports world-changing entrepreneurs, artists and activists.

Throughout my life, I’ve made ideas manifest. I’ve created businesses, engineered solutions to societal problems, directed improvisational performance ensembles, published three books, and raised two children into adulthood. I'm honored to be "Grandma" to three wonderful human beings.

For the first 25 years of my career, I led Rhonda Morton Communications, writing for Fortune 100 companies, advertising agencies, and non-profits. I gained an insider’s view of countless teams focused on sales, marketing, employee communications, technology and product development, and change management. I’ve toured factory floors, lived inside the pressure cooker of product releases, and witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of leadership and team performance. I know, firsthand, that conscious leadership is crucial to organizational success, and to creating a world that works for everyone.

Today, I weave together my entrepreneurial and improvisational experience, insider view of business operations, and expertise in the neurobiology of change to open up a 360-degree horizon of possibility for individuals, teams and groups.

For individuals—whether you are ready for a Deep Dive or a Moon Shot—I will help you find a path through your most complex issues. As an empathic embodied brain-science specialistI help smart people leverage the plasticity of their brains and nervous systems to make truly life-transforming change in areas they thought were stuck forever. Led by deep listening and intuition, and armed with neuroscience, I guide people to discover ingrained patterns that aren't serving them and then teach them simple techniques to create new neural pathways to literally transform themselves at the cellular level.

For teams, I partner with emotionally intelligent leaders who care deeply about the well-being of their people, and who invest in creating high-performing, super-engaged, inspired and self-actualizing individual employees and teams. With the capacity to improvise in the moment, to face obstacles with curiosity and fearlessness, and to design just the right exercise to achieve a desired result, I am adept at taking teams far past their expectations. My transformation strategies are custom-designed, people-centered, and focused on getting real work done.

For groups of women, I create programs that combine workshops with individual coaching sessions for meaningful impact. Self Smarts, an intensive deep dive into self-awareness and manifestation, was offered only through Corning Incorporated for seven years, but starting in 2019 will be available to women in the B economy who want to grow themselves while they move the world forward. Launchpad—designed for emerging women leaders at non-profits—is offered annually through the Community Foundation of Elmira, Corning and the Finger Lakes (since 2012). Launchpad Refueled is a year-long refresher for Launchpad graduates.

For speakers, I help shape a script attuned to the audience, inject it with powerful storytelling, then coach them to use their voices and bodies to deliver a compelling, memorable talk. I focus on women speakers, social entrepreneurs, and startups in green tech, clean energy, and human services.

I am certified to coach individuals, facilitate teams and design programs based on the FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator, the only validated psychometric assessment that links body, mind and behaviors). I’ve graduated from the Institute for Zen Leadership’s IZL-I, II and III programs. Savannah Consulting is a NYS-certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.  I graduated from Muskingum University with a double major in English and Philosophy, and I’m a passionate life-long learner.