Moving Possibilities

On this New Year’s Day, I woke up thinking about the brain-body connection…a favorite topic of mine. As the Franklin Institute’s Resources for Science Learning notes: “It is important to challenge your brain to learn new and novel tasks, especially processes that you've never done before.”

That’s why when clients come to me wanting to be more Visionary, one of the assignments I often give them is to move improvisationally for five to ten minutes a day. By moving in novel ways, they create new neural threads in their brains, while simultaneously allowing old habitual neural “cables” to unravel. That adds up to a more nimble brain able to see more possibility.  Plus, it’s fun!

Try it at home with this simple exercise: see how many different ways you can traverse a space. A few years ago, I spontaneously gave myself this challenge and ending up moving for an hour, never moving the same way twice. That hour inspired a poem, which inspired a performance project, which inspired a broadside and video, which inspired an art exhibit…

But most importantly, that first hour spent answering the question, “How many different ways can I traverse a small room?,” led to a greater one that guides my own daily life, and my work with clients: “How is it possible I have ever, ever felt limited?”

As we enter 2013, may your body teach your brain just how expansive and full of potential you and the world are!  (Click on the image below for a copy of the broadside.)

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