Start with a script attuned to your audience, inject it with powerful storytelling elements, then learn to use your voice and body to deliver a compelling and memorable talk. 

SPEAKERS who want to...

Inspire a team to manifest your vision.

Convince funders or stakeholders to back your idea.

Share the features of a product or service that will benefit a customer.

Move individuals to impassioned action. 

Will be guided to...

Shape a presentation from the audience's point of view, rather than your own.

Craft a powerful script intended for the stage, not the page--paying attention to the sound of the words, the cadence of the sentences, and the rhythm of the whole talk.

Weave in elements of storytelling to amp up the power of your ideas, and to drive them deep into your listeners' nervous systems and memory. 

Use your breath to remain calm and confident.

Consciously choose how to use your voice and body to connect to your listeners fully. 

Employ audio-visual aids to truly augment your talk rather than compete for your listeners' attention.

How speaker coaching works:

We discuss what your objectives are, and create a comprehensive audience profile.

I provide resources for you to read, and you write a first draft.

I review the script, meet with you to discuss revisions, and you make refinements--repeating these steps until we are satisfied that you have a memorable, compelling script.

If you are using slides, we review those to ensure that they truly add value.

We meet for in-person rehearsals where we focus on the use of breath, voice, gesture, facial expression, and movement to deliver a powerful talk.  We also address any deeper emotional issues that may impede your success.  We meet as many times as you require to feel confident in your delivery.

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