Choose to engage in powerful one-on-one coaching, in person or via video conferencing. Either way, change the trajectory of your life.

INDIVIDUALS who are...

On fire with an idea but need the confidence, drive, and structure to make it happen.

Not sure of your purpose and/or how to manifest it in your life.

Feeling stuck around particular issues or changes you want to make.

At risk of burn-out or a paralyzing sense of overwhelm.

Willing to make an investment in yourself.

Can expect to...

Use neurobiological concepts and techniques to change at the cellular level.

Learn to trust your intuition and strengthen your imagination in order to embrace change with more confidence.

Notice and dissolve ingrained patterns, go to your edge, and stretch your range, until you see more possibility in every situation.

Bring more mindfulness and better effort management to your everyday life while amplifying purpose and meaning.

Create structures and sustainable life and work practices in order to tap into the power to transform your life.

How coaching works:

We discuss what your objectives are, and have you take a FEBI assessment.

We meet for 90-minute coaching sessions, and I custom-design experiential exercises for you, based on ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science.

You do assigned homework and have email/phone access to me between sessions.

Let's talk

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